The Math tutor that actually knows your weaknesses.

AI driven tutoring

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A new world needs new teaching.

Osnova is creating an AI based private tutoring system for maths. This will democratise education by giving everyone with an internet connection access to free high quality education. Private tutoring is more effective than classrooms because everyone has different learning styles, learns things at a different pace and has different gaps in their knowledge web. Our system will allow everyone in a classroom or at home to get an individualised learning experience which is optimised for them. Teachers will get real time feedback to help them improve their teaching and will never have to waste time creating or marking assignments again and report writing will become a thing of the past.

Meet the Team

We are an international team of people who are passionate about education. The company is currently based in Christchurch, New Zealand but we have people working from all over the world.

CEO & Founder - Raphael Nolden

Raphael has a background in Medical Physics and helped develop a number of novel medical devices before joining academia as a lecturer in mathematical modelling. During his teaching he noticed a number of things which prevented people from doing as well as they could. He saw that many people understood what was being taught but struggled because they had gaps in their knowledge web and were unable to identify what there were and so couldn’t solve the problem. He has always had an interest in startups and became involved with Startup weekends where he met Antonia. He was very excited about the potential of the algorithm she invented so he joined her to cofound the company.

CTO - Jürgen Brandstetter

Jürgen has a background in Computer Science and Human-Robot-Interaction. His entrepreneurial spirit led him to found his first web company during his high school years. For many years he worked as a mentor, research and world traveler. When developing products his passion is to put the human in the center. As a team, Jürgen and Raphael met at Startup-Weekend and it immediately clicked.

Founder - Antonia Modkova

Antonia developed the patent pending Algorithm shortly after completing her studies in Computer Science and Law. She had experience in private tutoring but saw it was limited because it was not scalable and whilst very effective was not something most people could afford. She saw the potential to make this scalable using a computer system and developed the algorithm. She pitched another project at a startup weekend where Raphael joined her. She found that they worked very well together and he shared her passion for making education better. So a few conversations later she asked him to join her and the rest is history.